Thursday, February 15, 2007

Illustration Friday: Crash

Hello folks.

It's been awhile. I return this week with a new illustration and, a new location. For those who have linked to me in the past, please note that the old blog is no more and it now lives here at . Please update your links.

This grusome piece was done in Corel Painter 9 on my trusty G4 while watching Lost and nursing some flu-like symptoms.

As always, your comments are appreciated.



cat said...

it makes me think of a whirlwind...and calvin of calvin and hobbes.(another whirlwind, hehe)

hope you feel better soon. i hate the flu. so damn painful.


ValGalArt said...

amazing movement that you have captured here Tony! Great colours too! Feel better, I am just getting over the flu myself. Nice to see your work again!

HARDWAX said...

It's nice to see you back!
I like the energy, the blue flame really gives a feeling of crash and burn.
Very cool!

Shano said...

Very colorful!! Always have to peek extra long at your pieces . . . Trying to figure them out. Clever!!

Hope you're feeling better.

Twisselman said...

Very cool. I clicked on the piece to enlarge, and wanted to click on the enlargement to enlarge a bit more... wanted to get a better look at the faces (faces?) I see there. I like the movement here. Hope you're feeling better.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

I feel for you! I have been sick for a week and a half, and completely lost my voice for 4 days! Nice depth and wrapping of color in this. Now get better!