Friday, June 13, 2008

Illustration Friday: Punchline

It would be funnier if it weren't so true. Illustrated in Flash 7 with a background created in Corel PainterX all from a pencil sketch.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Tony! See: I am right next to yours this time!
Another vampire-cartoon! I love it! And so true... Will you make a book with vampire cartoons (or did you already?)?

ValGalArt said...

very funny Tony! Vampires aren't real? I love the groovy background!

Edward Pun said...

Ha ha... good one! :)

atomicvelvetsigh said...

now i know i live in dreamland.. where vampires are real and politicians arent.

but this is a cool illo.. in my world..

Uptown Girl said... it. Very funny as are gifted Tony. : )

neil said...

Hi Tony

A very apt cartoon for the times. At least a vampire does not tell you why it has to take such a drastic course of action before it drains you dry! Very well done!

Life's a comic strip said...

I love this one!


Andrew W. Moir said...

Heh, it's funny 'cause it's true.
Good work and thanks for the laugh! :D